Best Stainless-Steel Fastener Manufacturers India

We are the premier Stainless-Steel Fasteners Manufacturers and Suppliers in India operational since (1960). Our years of experience as Stainless-Steel Fasteners Manufacturers India bolster us with the unmatched understanding of markets and changing trends in B2B industrial products manufacturing solutions. Employing world-class, cold forging technology, we proudly own the best inventory of stainless steel bolts, nuts, screws, washers and all other types of stainless steel fasteners.

Broad-ranging products right as demanded by clients

We proudly roll out the most comprehensive range of stainless-steel fasteners suitable designed to complement all possible sites of application. Known to be the best stainless-steel fasteners exporter in town, we associate with client base spread across the globe and several industries.

You can reach us, the most versatile Stainless steel Fasteners Supplier India, for robust built product range, comprising:

Hex Socket head cap screw

Hex Socket head cap screw DIN 912

Hex head screw

Hex head screw DIN 933

Hex head bolt half thread

Hex head bolt half thread DIN 931

Hex Nut

Hex nut DIN 934

Hex lock nut

Hex lock nut DIN 439

Hex Nylock Nut

Hex Nylock Nut DIN 982

Hex Flange Nut

Hex Flange Nut DIN 6921

Dome Nut

Dome Nut DIN 1587

931 CSK Philips Head Screw

931 CSK Philips Head Screw DIN 965

Pan Philips Head Machine Screw

Pan Philips Head Machine Screw DIN 7985

Mushroom head square neck bolt

Mushroom head square neck bolt DIN 603

Pan Combi Head Screw

Pan Combi Head Screw DIN S013

Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screw

Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screw DIN 7981

Counter Sunk Philips Self Tapping Screw

Counter Sunk Philips Self Tapping Screw DIN 7982

Csk Allen Screw

Csk Allen Screw DIN 7991

Hex Socket head cap screw

Button Head Screw ISO 7380

Pan Philips Sems Screw

Pan Philips Sems Screw

Hex Socket head cap screw

Slotted CSK Head Screw DIN 963

Slotted Cheese Head Screw

Slotted Cheese Head Screw DIN 0084

Hex Socket head cap screw

Slotted Round Head Screw DIN 0086

Please refer to our catalog to search and select the nut, bolt, screw or washer, embossed with the stamp of quality from trusted stainless steel Fastener Exporter India.

Sophisticated manufacturing unit producing thousands of SKUs

Agarwal Fasteners Pvt Ltd. manufactures and supplies nuts, bolts, screws. Our reputation of being the most relevant stainless-steel fasteners suppliers stem from out ability to produce nuts, bolts and screws designed for the purpose.

We deliver products conforming to standards like ISI, DIN and BS, while adhering to customer specifications. Our manufacturing base is designed to accomplish custom orders of stainless-steel fasteners best complementing the needs of the fastening solutions seekers.

Capable of producing thousands of SKUs tested stringently for quality and performance, our manufacturing unit provides us the infrastructure needed for timely delivery and high-quality production, and places us among the finest fasteners dealers in India.

Serving industry leaders worldwide

We are globally acclaimed Stainless Steel fasteners supplier India serving the needs of top-tier industry leaders. Our customers are based worldwide and trust us for the unmatched quality Stainless Steel fastener manufacturing and supplying. Committed to deliver products par excellence, our company employs the best materials, unbiased testing solutions, and well-designed, and waste-free processes.

Products designed for customer-specific needs

We are the best stainless-steel fasteners dealers producing solutions that stand out in quality, delivery and grip performance. We keep the customer specifications and industrial standards on top priority and associate with only with the sustainability-focused businesses.

Keeping with the assorted requirements of customers from all industrial sectors, we have developed stainless steel fasteners ranging from 2mm to 36mm, 1/8th to 1 inch in size.

Reach us, the most accomplished fasteners dealers in India, to get access to the excellent-grade stainless steel fasteners manufactured to complement your business-specific needs. Call us for enquiry, quotes and consultation today!