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Trusted name in Stainless Steel Screw Manufacturers among Indian Exporters

Agarwal Fastners is the trusted stainless steel screw manufacturer, supplier and exporter operational in India since (1960). Our company is the most reliable and standards-compliant stainless steel screw manufacturers India that can deliver the best-quality stainless steel fastening solutions for all types of equipment, machinery, electronics appliances and others. Whenever it is about imparting sturdiness to the equipment and making them truly functionality-supportive, you can employ our stainless steel screws that we have developed with ultimate finesse.

Research-backed catalog of high-quality stainless steel screws

A lot of market research and understanding of machine, equipment and appliances markets has gone into developing our stainless steel screw catalog. We are the most versatile stainless screw suppliers in India having an unmatched collection of sturdy screws that look sophisticated too. You can reach us for stainless screw inventory designed keeping world-class quality standards in mind. Have a look at our stainless steel screw collection:

Hex Socket head cap screw

Hex Head Screw DIN 933

Hex Socket head cap screw

Hex socket Head Cap Screw DIN 912

Hex Socket head cap screw

Hex Head Bolt Half Thread DIN 931

PAN Philips Head Machine Screw

PAN Philips Head Machine Screw DIN 7985

CSK Philips Head Screw

CSK Philips Head Screw DIN 965

CSK Philips Head

CSK Allen Screw DIN 7991


Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screw DIN 7981

Counter Shunk Philipsself Tapping Screw

Countersunk Philips Self-Tapping Screw DIN 7982

Socket Button Head Screw

Button Head Screw DIN 7380

Slotted CSK Head Screw

Slotted CSK Head Screw DIN 963

Slotted Cheese Head Screw

Slotted Cheese Head Screw DIN 0084

Slotted Round Head Screw

Slotted Round Head Screw DIN 86

Hexabular Socket Pan Head Torx Screw

Hexabular Socket Pan Head Torx Screw DIN 7985

Pan Combi Head Screw

Pan Combination Screw DIN S013

Hex Socket Set Screw
Flat Point

Flat Point DIN 913

Cone Point

Cone Point DIN 914

Dog Point

Dog Point DIN 915

Cup Point

Cup Point 916

Best Manufacturing Base helps us make timely deliveries

Our manufacturing base is spread over an area of 90,000 sq. ft. having all state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, equipment and people required for timely delivery of orders. Our focus is on delivering quality nuts and bolts; which is why, every product is passed through quality and performance checks as per the industry standards.

Custom order processing is a specialty at Agarwal Fastners Pvt Ltd., and it places us among the most reliable stainless steel nut and bolt manufacturers capable of handling all types and sizes of orders with utmost client satisfaction. We have the ability to deliver world-class quality of fasteners including nuts and bolts, screws, etc. and that is why, our solutions are useful for every kind of premise, equipment, surface, etc.

Worldwide base of clients talking great about us!

Aggarwal Fasteners Pvt Ltd is one of the most accomplished stainless steel bolt and nut exporters having its consumer base worldwide. Our worldwide reach has earned us customers belonging to all industries and operating at various scales. We have successfully delivered the best quality stainless steel nuts and bolts, as per the customer specification, and without any delay. Easy payment terms and better understanding of customer relationships empowers us with the right solutions to offer to our valued customers.

Advantages of buying stainless steel nuts and bolts from us

  • Industry-approved quality of nuts and bolts
  • Custom order processing support
  • Deep understanding of machine cut designs and availability of lots of molds
  • Worldwide presence
  • Complete understanding of custom manufacturing of stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Well-designed manufacturing base for optimal order delivery

Reach us for nut and bolt supplies when you need your manufacturing and repairs projects to be served with right fastening solutions. Product consultancy and quotes available through email, phone, contact form; we can assist you through live chat too!